Gehlen House Inn


The Gehlen House and Barn are historic buildings located in St. Donatus, Iowa, United States. Both buildings were built by Peter Gehlen (originally Jahlen), an immigrant from Luxembourg who settled in this area in 1846. He built a flour mill on the Tetes des Mortes Creek in 1848. As other immigrants from Luxembourg settled here they built distinctive houses from the local limestone. Of these the Gehlen house was the most significant. It is located at a crossroads, and because of its size it served as a community center. At one time or another it served as the post office, hotel, and general store.

Offshore Inn & Suites

Off shore Over Off Shore Park

Off Shore Inn and Suites is located on the Off Shore Resort property in the picturesque Mississippi Riverfront town of Bellevue, Iowa. This resort caliber hotel is a hidden gem in the Eastern Iowa area.  Each of our immaculate 48-rooms and suites provide the utmost comfort and are equipped with all the essentials and extras to ensure a great hotel stay. The combination of warm, welcoming hospitality and breathtaking views of the mighty Mississippi River make Off Shore Inn and Suites the ideal hotel for your next trip to the area.  

Riverview Hotel


Guests of the historic Riverview Hotel & Restaurant enjoy a spectacular view of the Mississippi River and a front row seat for celebrations, parades and fireworks held throughout the year from a New Orleans style veranda.  A restaurant and bar are conveniently located at street level. For more information, please call 563-872-4142.