The purpose of these guidelines is to establish general procedures and standards, consistent with applicable federal and state laws, for the siting, construction, installation, collocation, modification, relocation, operation, and removal of small cell wireless technology within the City's rights of way. The goals of these guidelines are to:

  1. Provide standards, technical criteria, and details for small cell facilities in the City's right, of way to be uniformly applied to all applicants and owners of small cell facilities or support structures for such facilities.
  2. Enhance the ability of wireless communications carriers to deploy small cell wireless technology in the City quickly, effectively, and efficiently so residents, businesses, and visitors benefit from ubiquitous and robust wireless service availability.
  3. Preserve the character of the City's neighborhoods and corridors.
  4. Ensure small cell facilities and support structures conform with all applicable health and safety regulations and will blend into their environment to the greatest extent possible.
  5. Comply with, and not conflict with or preempt, all applicable state and federal laws.