The updated City trail for ATVs and UTVs can be found here.

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Off-Road Vehicles (ATV/UTV) City Code Recap 

  • No City registration fee/sticker.
  • Not less than four and not more than six tires; steering wheel for control. 
  • Timeframe: Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Passengers must have their own factory approved seat.
  • All Traffic regulations apply.
  • Unlawful operation:
    • Without having a legal operator’s license.
    • Driving parallel on State Highways (52 and 62) as defined under State Code.
    • Without having such off-road vehicle registered and insured as provided for by State law.
    • On private property of another without express permission to do.
    • On City trails (bike/walking path), sidewalks, public school grounds, park property, playgrounds, and recreational areas.
    • In a manner to create loud, unnecessary, or unusual noise to disturb or interfere with the peace and quiet of other persons.
    • In a careless, reckless, or negligent manner to endanger the safety of any person or the property of any other person.
    • Operator to leave or allow an off-road vehicle to be or remain unattended on public property while the motor is running or the key is left in the ignition.
  • Equipment: All off-road vehicles operated within the City shall have the following equipment:
    • All equipment required by State law.
    • Mufflers which are properly attached and which reduce the noise of operation of the off-road vehicle to the minimum noise necessary for operating the off-road vehicle. No person shall use a muffler cutout, by-pass or similar device on an off-road vehicle.
    • Adequate brakes in good condition.
    • Working headlight(s) and taillight(s).