Throughout the history of Bellevue, people have faithfully gathered within the Christian communities of faith to worship God. Currently, there are three religious denominations represented in the city of Bellevue: First Presbyterian Church, Saint John Lutheran Church (ELCA), and Saint Joseph Catholic Church.

Each congregation provides weekly worship and educational opportunities to enhance the faith and spiritual growth of its members. As an ecumenical endeavor, these parishes gather together for worship at a Community Thanksgiving Service; provide a week-long Vacation Bible School for the youth in the community; seek to meet the needs of the poor, and to address other community needs.

Take time out of hectic schedules to attend parish festivals or other functions held throughout the year. They are a great way to meet new people, socialize with friends and family, savor the wonderful food, and enjoy the entertainment.  Each page to the left has the parish's website linked, to find when each has their masses.